Once an entrepreneur comes to Legacy Business Center, he or she is considered an Apprentice.

After an initial assessment of interests, business needs, and vision, an Apprentice is matched with an Advisor; a business leader with relative skills, knowledge, and experience. The Advisor leads the apprentice through a six-week curriculum to assess the business, existing market, establish a vision, tools for achieving that vision, and provides the Apprentice with a sufficient start to operate a successful business. Meetings are individually tailored by each Advisor for each Apprentice.

The Apprentice is then charged with running their business for six months. The Advisor and other members of the Legacy Business Center network are available for assistance if needed.

After six months, Legacy Business Center conducts a business review to assess the progress and viability of the business during which the Apprentice may be invited to present to the Board on existing and upcoming funding needs. The Board determines business viability and may invest in the business. This is not a loan, but working capital for a growing business.

After this initial phase, the Apprentice is invited to join the network of business professionals and may even have the opportunity to serve as an Advisor for another up-and-coming entrepreneur.

If you are interested in becoming an Apprentice in the Legacy Business Center (LBC) program, please complete the form below or call 317-288-2934.

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